A Seller Lost Out on Thousands By Making One (BIG) Mistake

I heard a story about a person who sold her house without an agent the other day, and it made me shudder.

My colleague in the title business told me about a deal he closed recently, where a woman sold her home without the help of a REALTOR®.   

She found out at the closing table, as the deal was being completed, that the appraisal for her home (the thing the bank does that determines the value), was $389,000.  

Here’s the kicker. SHE SOLD THE HOUSE FOR $200,000. 

I’m not even kidding. 

Because she wanted to save the cost of a REALTOR®’s commission, which is set independently by each agent, but is usually around 6% of the sales price, she lost out on $189,000. Can you even imagine?  

This is why I am so passionate about offering my services to you. 

Yes, I will be compensated for selling your home, but you will have the security of knowing that your house is priced right, marketed well and negotiated professionally. 

And you will walk away with the best outcome in terms of price and hassle. 

So, please don’t try to sell your house on your own; at least not until we visit about what it’s all about and how using an agent (me) will be beneficial to you. 

Call me anytime – I am here for you when you are ready.  (651) 485-8137




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