The Top Five Questions People Ask Me About Real Estate

Do you like it?
 OH MY GOSH!  Do I ever!  More than I thought possible.  A long time ago I thought that people who sold things were just in it for the money and were always looking for a sale at any cost.  So not true!  I love meeting people, helping them, teaching about the buying and selling process, finding the right home, and getting the deal closed.  Payday is a beautiful way to be compensated for the work I love, not the reason for it!  I have a new appreciation for people who are only compensated for their accomplishments.  It is not possible to skate through this profession – so know that when you decide to work with me, I will be doing my very best for you.
How much is my home worth?
 Great question.  I can do a market analysis on your home in less than an hour, so never worry about taking up too much of my time with this question.  Depending on where you live, I can often give you a range without even seeing your house.  Of course, the market is ever-changing, so my estimate might be different in a month or so.  Are you curious?  Just ask!
What do I need to do to get ready to sell my house? Do I need to replace the carpet and install granite countertops?
Lots of folks are planning on moving in a few months and want to know what they can do now to get ready.  For starters, don’t do anything until I can see your house.  Very often homeowners see things that they think are fatal flaws in their home, that I know buyers will not even notice!  On the other hand, there are things I will see that will need to be addressed that you have become house-blind to. 
And chances are very slim that I would suggest that you put granite countertops in.  Or replace all the carpet.  Most of the things my stager and I suggest are cosmetic – de-personalize the whole house, de-clutter, add some pops of color here and there.  We sometimes have to recommend removing dated wallpaper and painting that red accent wall in the dining room.
How much money do I need? I don’t have 20% to put down.
 Very good thing to be thinking about.  First and second time homebuyers often believe that they need 20% of the sales price before they can buy.  But, thanks to a lot of different mortgage products, both FHA and conventional, you sometimes only need 3% down!  And, if you are a first timer with limited access to cash, there are some nice down payment assistance programs for you.  If you have questions about mortgages, down payments, affordability, and so on, let me know!
But I won’t have anywhere to move if I sell now!
 Not true.  First, nice homes are coming on the market every day.  We just have to stay on top of it to make sure we don’t miss out.  Second, I LOVE hunting for the right home for you, even if it isn’t on the market this red hot minute.  Do you know the neighborhood you want?  I will call, write, email and doorknock it to find someone who is ready to sell.  Don’t let perceived lack of inventory deter you from making a move if you are ready now.
How much do you charge?
 Wrong question. 
The right question is: how much will I net from the sale of my home?  Commission is one part of the equation.  Getting the highest, best offer in the shortest amount of time is my goal for your sale.  This involves setting the right price, getting the house staged perfectly, taking the best photos and videos, marketing to the right audiences, managing multiple offers, selecting the best offer (not always the highest price – spoiler alert!), and getting the sale closed. And all the steps in between that lead to your highest possible proceeds. 
What questions do you have about buying and selling homes?  I am here for you!
Bonus question:
Where do you work?  Do you have a territory?

 I have lived in Minneapolis, Richfield, Stillwater, Eagan and Apple Valley, and bought and sold houses from Wyoming to Hopkins to Hastings.  While I do most of my work south of the river, I am happy to help you regardless of location.  If you are in an area I am not familiar with, I may refer you to a trusted colleague who can give you exemplary service.  But mostly, I look forward to helping you wherever you are and whenever you are ready.

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